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We are darc architects & associates, a full-service, contemporary architecture, interior design and project management studio based in Crete.

Founded in 2019, darc architects & associates is a contemporary architectural firm situated in Rethymno, Crete. Our expertise spans various building types, encompassing hotels, resorts, residential projects, commercial spaces, bars, and restaurants.

Our projects are focused on new construction and rehabilitation at all scales. We provide comprehensive design and engineering services, spanning architecture and interior design from the initial concept to the final execution.

We perceive architecture from an eclectic and hedonistic continuity with tradition and local context, approaching it with the possibilities offered by contemporary construction techniques.

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Step by step
How we work
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As a full-service architectural firm, Measured is engaged in every phase of a project from concept to completion, enabling the creation of environments (building, interiors and landscape) that facilitate the desires of clients. Our process ensures this.
From the start we collaborate closely with our clients to comprehend their aspirations and requirements. Our aim is to grasp the significance of your preferences and safeguard them throughout the entire project duration.
This is the stage where we actively create concepts by translating ideas into schematic drawings, solidifying the outcomes of the exploration phase. Through ongoing discussions with clients, we iteratively refine our concept design.
At this stage, we prepare formal drawings for submission to the Planning Department to obtain the building permit. The budget is now in the hands of the chosen builder, and the client, architect, and general contractor have further clarified the schedule. While awaiting municipal approval, we also complete the detailed construction documentation required for the builder's use.
Once building commences, we provide construction administration, which includes both field reviews and billing oversight. We ensure that the general contractor is building what we’ve designed and has been approved by the municipality, and we work together on solutions for conditions that could not have been foreseen and are in keeping with the original intent of the project.
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Selected projects
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Fani, a skilled building renovations engineer and interior designer, brings extensive residential experience and a growing commercial portfolio. Currently contributing to ongoing projects by applying her expertise in finishes and furniture selection. Formerly with an award-winning practice, she managed planning permits for high-end residences, boutique hotels, and renovations. Fani is also completing her postgraduate Master's thesis in Architecture & Tourism at the University of Crete's Architecture School.

M: +30 698 366 1603
Fani Georgali
Building Renovation Engineer & Interior Designer
Meet our team
Fani is a building renovations engineer and an interior designer by trade with a wide range of residential experience, as well as a growing portfolio of commercial and hospitality projects. Leveraging her skills in the selection of finishes and furniture, she is currently supporting the interior design of various projects that are in progress. Fani has worked previously for an award winning practice where she was responsible for planning permits procedures for a number of high-end private residences, boutique hotels and building renovations. She is currently finishing her thesis for a post graduate Master degree in Architecture & Tourism at Architecture School of University of Crete.

M: +30 698 366 1603

Markos Emm. Portalios
Architect - Engineer
Co-Founders and Directors Fani and Markos lead the design process with a clear focus on transparency and respect, remaining a constant throughout all stages, alongside a dedicated team of capable project architects.

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